Case2. Prototye Mold

These parts are still in research and development stage. Customer wants to test the functions and structure of parts. Customer also wants to know what it will be when they assembly these parts together. Customer knows that SLA or SLS or parts producted by 3D printer or PU tool can not represent the real parts which are produced under mass production. For example, the SLS does not concern about undercut, thin wall, and deformation, sink mark, draft angle. When two SLS parts can be assembly together, it does not mean that the mass production parts can be assembly together. In addition, the SLS parts do not have the same physical or chemical properties as mass production parts. For example, it wastes time and money to use SLS parts to do drop test, environment test and so on.


This project contains 3 parts: Aperture Ring, Body Bottom and Body Top. In order to save costs, we recommend customer to build a prototype family mold for these three parts with runner shut-off. Once customer agrees, we start DFM analysis and identify the problem areas. Our customer soon modifies the design as much as possible. Customer understands that due to various wall thickness, some areas will have sink marks but they think it will not cause problems. The prototype mold is built in 2 weeks. From the purchase order date to first article part produced, it takes 4 weeks.