Leadwin offers below services:

(1) Progressive stamping molds
(2) Die casting mold
(3) Plastic injection molds
(4) Rubber parts, plastic parts and metal parts.
(5) Quick turn around prototype tooling: average in 3 weeks.
(6) Product design: industrial design, mechanical design, 3D modeling.
(7) Engineering: DFM analysis, mold flow analysis, rubber resin generation, CNC drilling, turning, tapping, wire cutting, EDM…etc.
(8) 2nd operations: printing, plating, laser etching, coating, heat treating…etc.

To make a good mold, the employees of Leadwin know product design, material selection, injection machines, production processes, 2nd operations, assembly, FDA regulations…etc. Each customer is different. Leadwin will tailor-made our services to ensure customers can run our molds or use our parts at the first day they receive.

The success of Leadwin is that we can achieve short lead time, good quality and lower cost at the same time. To achieve these goals depends on highly skillful employees with the help of new technologies and good instruments. When we reduce our mold building lead time from 8 weeks to 4 weeks, we can reduce cost for 20% and to make another mold in those spare 4 weeks. Our output increases two times. Our customers have their molds in 4 weeks.