Die Casting


The biggest mold that Leadwin can make is for 1600 tons die casting machine. Leadwin makes molds for car components, water pumps, motors, engine covers, heatsinks, lamp covers, high voltage terminals…etc. In order to reduce pores and to increase the uniform density of parts, Leadwin uses both vacuum devices and overflow mechanisms. Leadwin selects SKD61 steel for molds and with professional heat treatment to ensure mold life up to 80,000 to 100,000 shots. We design molds for all kinds of machines with different feeding systems. We make sure that the mold can run in our factory as well as in our customers factories.

Every mold or part that made by Leadwin will have a life file which records all activities before the birth of mold and all activities after the birth of mold, including try outs, quality inspection reports, engineering changes, maintenance records, correction actions…etc.

Leadwin has TQM (Total Quality Management). We inspect incoming materials and have quality inspection for each process. We use SPC (Statistic Process Control) to prevent from defect. We design systems and use instruments to make good parts. We also design a quality control system to ensure the performance of our systems.

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Die Casting Equipment







 Manufacturing Machine

 Large-sized CNC Milling Machine

CNC Lathe Machine*1

Trimming Machine*7

CNC EDM Machine

CNC Tapping Center

Shot Blast Machine*2

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