Plastic Injection Molding


Leadwin makes molds for various industires such as electronic industries and medical devices industries. Leadwin can use the knowledge learned from cross disciplines to a specific product. Therefore we can contribute more to our customers. We make molds up to 5 tons and we make molds for small parts such as 5 mm. We specialize in thin wall injection molding and double injection molding with two different materials.

For medical parts, it requires no contamination. A medical mold shall run without mold release and with minimized flash. The parts and processes shall meet FDA regulations. Leadwin has been in medical device industries for more than 10 years. To meet medical device requirements, Leadwin will take care of part design, FDA approved resin, mold design…etc. Leadwin uses DOE (Design of Experiment) and Scientific molding techniques to ensure to produce quality parts repeatedly. Our professional experiences can help customers reduce engineering changes. Our first time right commitment will help customer shorten their concepts to market time.

Ledwin can help customers making prototype tools and parts. We can make metal parts, rubber parts and plastic parts in small quantities for customer to test their concepts or test their markets. Our capabilities for doing 2nd operations and sharing engineering works have helped a lot of startups and big firms to shorten their developing cycle. 

1. Product Design

  • Computer and peripheral products
  • Consumer and sport parts
  • Communications and electronic products
  • Medical products

2. Mold Manufacturing

  • Molds for Medical application
  • Twin shots molds, vertical injection molds
  • Fast prototyping molds
  • Hot runner molds

3. Injection Molding

  • Single shot and twin shots molding
  • Insert and overmolding
  • Ultra-thin wall injection molding

4. 2nd Operation Services

  • Painting, coating, pad printing, silk screen printing, chrome plating, assembly, laser etching

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