Service Model

The progressive stamping molds that Leadwin makes can be thicker as body of car and can be thinner as terminals for small connectors. The practices of progressive stamping factories are different in each country. Leadwin knows the differences of each region and will tailor made molds for every buyer.

The cooperation between Leadwin and its buyers can have the following options:

(1) A turn key project: Leadwin designs the molds and sets up SOP. Then Leadwin ships the mold to customers after try run.

(2) Before fine tuning: Customer designs molds. Leadwin builds the molds according to customer’s mold design. Leadwin excutes the try run and improves whatever possible. Customers will carry on fine tuning after receiving the molds.

(3) Components basis: Customer designs molds and purchases standard components locally. Customer sends 2D and 3D models to Leadwin for building components. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for Leadwin to build those components. The components can be sent by speed post and reach to customers in 3 days. Customer assemblys all components and do try run.

(4) Parts and molds are made by Leadwin in Taiwan and Leadwin ships parts to buyers or ships parts directly to the customers of buyers.

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