About Us

Company Overview

Leadwin established in 1986 is a leading mold maker and manufacturing service company in Taiwan. In addition, making molds for Taiwan industrial users, Leadwin exports molds and mechanical parts to overseas customers. The industries that Leadwin services are aerospace, agriculture, car, computing, energy, furniture, home appliances, medical, mining, military, optical, sport, Telecommunication…etc.

The products that Leadwin exports are:

(1) Progressive stamping molds
(2) Die casting molds
(3) Plastic injection molds
(4) Rubber parts, plastic parts and metal parts
(5) Quick turn around prototype tooling: average in 3 weeks

Mission & Philosophy

The role of Leadwin is beyond a manufacturer. Leadwin can add engineering resources into customers engineering pool when customers are tight with human resources and deadline. Most of buyers are looking for manufacturers who can add value in their value chain; who can reduce their business risk ; who can be flexible to support their scalable businesses. Leadwin can assist customers from concepts to markets. Leadwin offers industrial design, mechanical design, 3D modeling, DFM analysis (Design For Manufacturing), prototyping, mold flow analysis, mold design, mold making, 2nd operations, mass production, supply chain management. Leadwin is specialized in JIT (Just in Time): We promise and we deliver.

Leadwin would like to share our cores value as below which we believe that Leadwin can not grow without these factors.

  • The success of our customers:

We always ask our customers: How can we contribute to your success? Without the success of our customers, our suppliers and employees can not claim for their successes.

  • Technologies:

We invest in knowledge and technologies. The new technologies will give us leading edge to serve our customers.

  • Quality:

We pay attention to each detail to ensure first time right.

  • System:

We design a manufacturing system that can create synergy and reliability. So we can do good things efficiently and repeatedly.

  • People:

Quality services and products come from happy responsible people with good knowledge and teamwork.