Die Casting

Die Casting


Die Casting

Die Casting

Die Casting


Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding



Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding



Leadwin offers below services:

(1) Progressive stamping molds
(2) Die casting mold
(3) Plastic injection molds
(4) Rubber parts, plastic parts and metal parts.
(5) Quick turn around prototype tooling: average in 3 weeks.
(6) Product design: industrial design, mechanical design, 3D modeling.
(7) Engineering: DFM analysis, mold flow analysis, rubber resin generation, CNC drilling, turning, tapping, wire cutting, EDM…etc.
(8) 2nd operations: printing, plating, laser etching, coating, heat treating…etc

To make a good mold, the employees of Leadwin know product design, material selection, injection machines, production processes, 2nd operations, assembly, FDA regulations…etc. Each customer is different. Leadwin will tailor-made our services to ensure customers can run our molds or use our parts at the first day they receive.

The success of Leadwin is that we can achieve short lead time, good quality and lower cost at the same time. To achieve these goals depends on highly skillful employees with the help of new technologies and good instruments. When we reduce our mold building lead time from 8 weeks to 4 weeks, we can reduce cost for 20% and to make another mold in those spare 4 weeks. Our output increases two times. Our customers have their molds in 4 weeks.


Service Model

The progressive stamping molds that Leadwin makes can be thicker as body of car and can be thinner as terminals for small connectors. The practices of progressive stamping factories are different in each country. Leadwin knows the differences of each region and will tailor made molds for every buyer.

The cooperation between Leadwin and its buyers can have the following options:

(1) A turn key project: Leadwin designs the molds and sets up SOP. Then Leadwin ships the mold to customers after try run.

(2) Before fine tuning: Customer designs molds. Leadwin builds the molds according to customer’s mold design. Leadwin executes the try run and improves whatever possible. Customers will carry on fine tuning after receiving the molds.

(3) Components basis: Customer designs molds and purchases standard components locally. Customer sends 2D and 3D models to Leadwin for building components. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for Leadwin to build those components. The components can be sent by speed post and reach to customers in 3 days. Customer assemblies all components and do try run.

(4) Parts and molds are made by Leadwin in Taiwan and Leadwin ships parts to buyers or ships parts directly to the customers of buyers.



The biggest mold that Leadwin can make is for 1600 tons die casting machine. Leadwin makes molds for car components, water pumps, motors, engine covers, heatsinks, lamp covers, high voltage terminals…etc. In order to reduce pores and to increase the uniform density of parts, Leadwin uses both vacuum devices and overflow mechanisms. Leadwin selects SKD61 steel for molds and with professional heat treatment to ensure mold life up to 80,000 to 100,000 shots. We design molds for all kinds of machines with different feeding systems. We make sure that the mold can run in our factory as well as in our customers factories.

Every mold or part that made by Leadwin will have a life file which records all activities before the birth of mold and all activities after the birth of mold, including try outs, quality inspection reports, engineering changes, maintenance records, correction actions…etc.

Leadwin has TQM (Total Quality Management). We inspect incoming materials and have quality inspection for each process. We use SPC (Statistic Process Control) to prevent from defect. We design systems and use instruments to make good parts. We also design a quality control system to ensure the performance of our systems.


          Plant and equipment

  •   TOYO Die Casting Machine 125Tx2 、250Tx1、350Tx2、
  • Toshiba Die Casting Machine 350Tx1、650Tx1、800Tx1
  • Tzewei Die Casting Machine 150Tx1、350Tx1



Leadwin makes molds for various industires such as electronic industries and medical devices industries. Leadwin can use the knowledge learned from cross disciplines to a specific product. Therefore we can contribute more to our customers. We make molds up to 5 tons and we make molds for small parts such as 5 mm. We specialize in thin wall injection molding and double injection molding with two different materials.

For medical parts, it requires no contamination. A medical mold shall run without mold release and with minimized flash. The parts and processes shall meet FDA regulations. Leadwin has been in medical device industries for more than 10 years. To meet medical device requirements, Leadwin will take care of part design, FDA approved resin, mold design…etc. Leadwin uses DOE (Design of Experiment) and Scientific molding techniques to ensure to produce quality parts repeatedly. Our professional experiences can help customers reduce engineering changes. Our first time right commitment will help customer shorten their concepts to market time.

Leadwin can help customers making prototype tools and parts. We can make metal parts, rubber parts and plastic parts in small quantities for customer to test their concepts or test their markets. Our capabilities for doing 2nd operations and sharing engineering works have helped a lot of startups and big firms to shorten their developing cycle. 


1. Product Design

  • Computer and peripheral products
  • Consumer and sport parts
  • Communications and electronic products
  • Medical products

2. Mold Manufacturing

  • Molds for Medical application
  • Twin shots molds, vertical injection molds
  • Fast prototyping molds
  • Hot runner molds

3. Injection Molding

  • Single shot and twin shots molding
  • Insert and over-molding
  • Ultra-thin wall injection molding

4. 2nd Operation Services

Painting, coating, pad printing, silk screen printing, chrome plating, assembly, laser etching

Plant View


 Spring forming equipment is divided into five kinds, a total of 28 units

1.CNC computer spring forming machine 

2.CNC 3D computer spring forming machine

3. Ultrafine diameter spring forming machine 

4. The compression spring forming machine

5. buckle forming machine 

6. The computer spring forming machine